What A Difference An "A" Makes

My Dearest David sent me this screenshot of what appears to be a perfumed bra for cajones.

While I’m all for perfuming men’s sweaty parts, a search for the item shows that it’s not what the Spanish illiterate might think *wink*

Elcorteingles.es has a new image for the sujetador perfumado, which makes it more clear that this is not a real bra or even an undergarment; it’s a sachet of sorts. And the text, “Pequeño sujetador perfumado con fragancia de coco, para aromatizar tus armarios y cajones. Disponible en varios colores” translates to, “Small pinch scented with coconut fragrance, flavoring your closets and drawers. Available in various colors.”

So cajones is not the same is cojones, capiche?

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