High-Five Friday: Twolia Edition

Hey, hey, hey, it’s High-Five Friday — a complete Twolia edition!

1) I’m so jealous of Jaynie’s post, 9 Lingerie Reasons To Get Thee A Little Black Dress! Why didn’t I write that?!

2) You know I love aprons! (Great list of apron linkage!)

3) Hip-Hip Hooray — good news on plus sizing!

4) Need some help with your love life, friendships, or with family? Relationship Underarm Stick to the rescue! Read her 13 Dating & Relationship Tips You (Should Have) Learned From Your Friendships In Junior High.

5) Ladies, and gentlemen, of a certain age enjoy the honest response to the horror that is a remake of Thelma & Louise. (I can’t believe they’d dare to touch that classic!)

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