Baby, It’s Getting Colder Outside…

Personally, I dislike winter. The weather is nasty-cold and that white stuff should just stay on greeting cards. But…

There is something I do like about the change of the seasons. And there’s a butt in my but — because cooler weather means darker colors and heavier fabrics which are, like the big bad wolf says, the better to cover my pretty panties, m’dear.

Black panties, red panties, blue panties… too dark for most warm weather colors.

Panties with appliques, contrasting lace, ruffles, patterns and stripes… things light-weight fabrics give away.

Panties too sheer to modestly wear beneath summer white!

Yes, thinking about all the vintage panties I couldn’t wear with shorts & other summer fashions, I am ready to make peace with autumn and the impending winter…

And when it snows, hubby must do all the snow removal; when it’s too cold, he must run all the errands. I’ll make it up to him by letting him see, feel and remove my pretty panties. *wink*

(Oh, of course the same is true for bras, slips and other lingerie too… Maybe I’ll make future posts about them too?)

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