"Kind of a hobby, a do-it-yourself kind of thing!"

Over at Here’s Looking Like You, Kid, Jaynie’s doing a fabulous homage to the fashion and glamour of Kim Novak in Vertigo, so I felt compelled to remind you of the fabulous bra scene from the film — featuring Jimmy Stewart (Scottie) and Barbara Bel Geddes (Midge):

Scottie: What’s this doohickey?
Midge: It’s a brassiere! You know about those things, you’re a big boy now.
Scottie: I’ve never run across one like that.
Midge: It’s brand new. Revolutionary up-lift: No shoulder straps, no back straps, but it does everything a brassiere should do. Works on the principle of the cantilevered bridge.
Scottie: It does?
Midge: An aircraft engineer down the peninsula designed it; he worked it out in his spare time.
Scottie: Kind of a hobby, a do-it-yourself kind of thing!

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