Dear Cosabella

Dear Cosabella,

Stop being a bunch of idiots. Bras cannot be sold as XS, S, M, L, &/or XL — even if you &/or Bluefly call the sizing “contemporary.”

Breasts are far too complicated & precious to be lumped into (however pretty) sacks of indiscriminate one-size-fits-most sizing. I don’t care how much cheaper it is to make. Just because a woman’s breast is round, doesn’t mean you can metaphorically cut corners & be cheap bastards.

No cup sizes? No, thank you. No sale.

This avoidance of cup sizes makes me too angry to even give my usual sign off & wish you a slippity-do-da day.

I must instead say, stop being idiots & drop this stupid non-sizing & make bras.


Slip of a Girl

PS I loved several of your bras — and even if they were pretty too little things (not been offered in a DD or E cup), I would have sighed and maybe even reminded you of the size of the average woman — but I wouldn’t have called you a bunch of idiots.

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