Cotton Undies News

Ah, make that the cotton undies wars — today’s news is full of ’em!

“Change starts with your underwear,” that’s what new underwear company PACT says. But Deanna Kitsch Slaps the inherent flaws in the marketing — the emperor’s undies aren’t so much “green” as they are racing-stripe brown.

Over at Tree Hugger, the birth announcement for Peau-Ethique’s organic maternity lingerie Babydoll may be good — but the comments & replies expose the other side of marketing to soon-to-be mommies. (Not to mention the “pregnant women aren’t sexy” talk!)

And in looking for an image to put with this post (because most of you don’t read ’em if I don’t!), I found this Japanese panty tug of war game. (But seriously, check out the news too, will ya?)

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