Because You Get More Flies With Honey…

Today Alessia of Relationship Underarm Stick is participating in the Hope For Healing blogathon, raising awareness of domestic violence & money for supporting victims of domestic violence.

As a survivor of domestic violence myself, I’m totally supporting Alessia’s efforts & hope you will too. It’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy because has already done the financial sponsorship (awesome Twolia!) — all you have to do is read Alessia’s posts and then comment on them, pass links along (email ’em, link on your own blog, Tweet ’em, whatever) and keep the discussion regarding the serious issue of domestic violence going.

While Deanna has threatened you with a bizarre act of random Carmen Mirandization (which, by the way, I might actually pay to see lol), I hope to bribe you into supporting Alessia’s efforts…

Thanks to the folks at Hips & Curves, I managed to score some sweet lingerie and will be giving away two prizes to those who comment, Tweet & post about Alessia’s blogathon posts.

You’ll get one entry each time you do the following:

A) Leave an insightful comment or otherwise add to the discussion of her posts (i.e. no spammy sorts of cheap comment entries; real comments only) and email me at with a link to your comment so that I have means of emailing you about your prize, should you win.


B) Tweet a link to one of Alessia’s posts with an @SlipOfAGirl (so that I can track them) and follow me (so that I can contact you, should you win).

Yes, you can — and should — have multiple entries!

This contest starts right now! The blogathon ends at 8 A.M. for Alessia (central time), so entries must be made by then.

All entries will be added to a hat and I will draw two winners.

Before you enter, though, please note the following:

1) This contest is open to anyone, male or female, 18 and over residing anywhere in the US (including Hawaii, Guam, PR and Alaska).

2) Because this is last minute, I’ve got limited sizes in the prizes…

The Honey Bunny set is available in a size small only.

The Coral Beauty Peignoir Set is available in a size large only.

Here’s the sizing chart to help you make your decision:

Please don’t let the sizes discourage you — they are super lingerie sets, and if the sizes don’t suit you perfectly they make great gifts for your girlfriend, sister, friend… Remember, the holidays are coming soon!

So go read Alessia’s blogathon posts & take action! You could win some beautiful lingerie along with my affection!

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