Taking A Peep At Lingerie News

The quick lingerie link round up for today includes the classy and the sassy! (I’d love to know which is your favorite lol)

The Harrogate Lingerie & Swimwear Exhibition, the UK’s national lingerie and swimwear industry trade show, is on this weekend (August 16-18) in London — which prompts me to mention that I’ve long been curious as to why lingerie & swimwear have been lumped together…

It surely has more to do with the scantily clad mannequins than actual realistic marketing; women buy far more bras & panties than bikinis, far more nighties than swimsuits, even in locations less affected by seasons. (And don’t tell me it’s all about the fit — dresses, jeans, business suits, they all have to cover/fit T n A, so bah to that theory.)

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