Is Casual Girly Glam Loungewear Possible?

Dear Slip of a Girl,

My husband, kids and I as well as my brother & sister & their families all spend the last few weekends in August as well as Labor Day weekend with my parents at their cabin — it’s a nice tradition & quite fun except for one thing… My mom insists that we all come out to the table on the back deck in our jammies to eat breakfast together.

My sister-in-law, sister and I all hate this because we won’t wear frumpy PJs (or robes in 70+ degree weather) which just leaves us with the giant t-shirt thing… And invariably, some neighbor comes by in their boat or whatever and stops in to say “Hello” and we look feel like dying. We look likes lumps of jersey!

It’s bad enough that we have to get out of our slinky jammies, get dressed in “sleepwear” to eat in, and then go get dressed for real… We’re moms and we’re a bit used to that (or the old robe ’round the house for modesty). But do we really have to meet people looking nothing like our real, feminine selves? It’s a most self-defeating way to start the day.

Besides, now that my sister is single again, she’d like to at least look promising to whoever stops by… And gossips later in the day — as those men & women all do! She doesn’t want the sleepshirt version of her to be the promotional poster! (And my sister-in-law and I don’t want to be the married frumps next to the fresh — hot — meat on the market either lol)

Please help!

One of three soon-to-be — afraid to be — lake frumps

Dear Lake Frumps,

Understanding your plight, I did a little shopping for feminine, yet family (and visitor) appropriate, romance

This cotton sateen cami & capri pajama set has the historical romance of antique ladies’ underthings with its soft vintage antiqued colors, rose print, lace, and ribboned bows.

For a more mod version of loungewear, try Bedhead’s Red Asian Cotton Cami & Capri set, featuring a classic pagoda print and a drawstring waist with a touch of elastic for an easy fit with just the right amount of stretch for a big breakfast.

If you don’t like capri pants, there’s the more traditional pajamas with longer pant bottoms that still have plenty of features to play up your femininity; the Bedhead Red Cherry Blossom Egyptian Cotton Corset Pajama is one of them. The “corset” style top gets its shaping from a fitted bodice, the neckline drawstring of which allows for adjusting the bust, and four pearlized buttons on the left side.

If you simply cannot “do” pajamas, try the Voile Chemise by BedHead in pink with chocolate brown dots for sweet dreams and hearty morning appetites.

Don’t blame me if you want to wear these around town. (If your kids won’t bust your chops, there’s no reason not to do so when you get back to town!)

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