Why I Am Obsessed With Vintage Lingerie

If you still don’t get why I’m obsessed with vintage lingerie, look at this; you can search for decades and never find another vintage piece like this — and nothing new compares either.

If the photo doesn’t convince you, well, nothing really will… And since I’m struck speechless over this 1940s ruched toga or Grecian style black chiffon nightgown by Rogers, I’m just going to quote the seller’s description, show the photos, and let you either remain puzzled as to ‘the big deal’ here — or, if you get it, let you lust along with me on this one…

Seller says:

Amazingly sultry black chiffon gown by Rogers. From the 40s-50s period. The details are certainly rare. The bodice is ruched with accordion pleats. One strap is leaf appliqued lace that crosses over under the right bust. The other is ruched chiffon. The waist is trimmed with black lace leaves and a satin ribbon is looped through for a bow tie belt in the back. Full accordion pleated sheer black chiffon skirt.

Pillow tab label.

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