I’m Not Vain; Really, I’m Not!

This is a public letter of apology or excuse, if you will, to all those who send me friend requests &/or invitations to the milieu of social networks.

It’s not that I’m stuck-up or that I don’t like you (and appreciate your thinking of me), but I just don’t have the time to participate in them.

Registration is the easy part; participating in them takes a lot of time & I barely have time to devote to this public display of my lingerie obsession (and the occasional post at the other blog) as it is.

Whatever spare time I have I opt to waste employ searching through & scanning my old magazines for lingerie ads and articles; finding & researching vintage images; digging through my computer’s hard drive for stuff saved there prior to my blogging; and, yes, shopping on the internet — posting it all here for you.

In short: It’s not you; it’s me. I suck at social networking.

Forgive me; and please continue to enjoy A Slip of a Girl.

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