Sweet Vintage & Fabulous Fashions — Better Than Peanut Butter and Jelly!

I am now part of the Vintage Roadshow gang — a weekly round-up of the best in vintage links. Here’s this week’s edition!

Couture Allure looks at shoes from 1949 and readers share where to find modern reproductions.

Debutante Clothing features a review and images of the private curator led tour of the Valentina exhibit in NYC.

Glamoursplash gives a brief history of 1950’s swim cap glamour.

Here’s Looking Like You, Kid says, “Maggie the cat is alive.”

Speaking of good vintage reading…

The premiere edition of the New Vintage Reviews Carnival debuted and there’s some cool linkage to be found, daddy-o. (To submit your blog article or posts reviewing retro & vintage goodness to the next edition of New Vintage Reviews, use the carnival submission form.)

Speaking of carnivals…

One of my posts made it in the latest edition of the Fabulous! Festival, a truly fabulous fashion carnival. (Jaynie of Here’s Looking Like You, Kid will be be hosting the next edition of The Fabulous! Festival on May 18th. To submit something you wrote — or read — about fashion that you think should be in next month’s carnival, use carnival submission form.)

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