Deliver Yourselves, Ladies, From The Horrible Gap

While I’m not the world’s biggest fan of thongs and whale-tail sightings are on my list of things to avoid, I’m upset in general by vulgar displays of any style panties in public. It’s just not appropriate.

The way jeans are made today, low-rise and mass-produced with wide “waists” (use of quotes because the waistband does not sit at the waist) so that women don’t need to go up a (dreaded) size, the world is awash with a plethora of panty peeks.

I know this excites some of the male readers here, but honestly, wouldn’t you rather have a lady more properly dressed than showing off part of her panties at WalMart?

And ladies, how uncomfortable are you with your current jeans… Either you’re squeezing into too-small, too-tight jeans to avoid the gap — or you’re tugging the jeans up, forced to belt them &/or cover them up with sad-sack tops and sweat shirts.

Gads I hate all of that.

So when I heard about PZI Jeans, designed to fit woman with a streamlined waist, fuller hips, and curvy bottom, I was intrigued…

PZI Jeans is leading the crusade in redefining the meaning of fit. Traditionally, most jeans are engineered with gaps at the waist to prevent going up a size to accommodate the hips and rear while neglecting the waist. PZI Jeans eliminate the gaps allowing women to embrace their true jean size. PZI Jeans are available in sizes 4-16, with inseam options of 31″, 34″, 36″ and 38″ to eliminate inseam alterations. The jeans contour the hips and lift the rear and thighs to complement your natural shape. PZI Jeans addresses problem areas that women across all body types, ages and ethnicities experience.

So I got a pair to review.

Hip-hip hooray! They fit — and just how PZI Jeans promised they would! No more annoying gap, no more over-sized & sloppy tees and tops to cover the gap.

Stop staring at my non-model ass; look at these instead.

Now, the only bad thing was that my niece has co-opted the jeans.

She was over at my house and when she bent over to scoop up the cat, well, I just don’t need to see that! So I told her about PZI Jeans and bade her to get in them, to see and feel the difference.

The good news: No more looking at my niece’s plumber’s crack. The bad news: I have to order another pair of PZI Jeans. Because once you go “flat” at the waistband in back, you never want to go back.

Go ahead, ladies, deliver yourselves from the horrible gap and get a pair of PZIs. Now.

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