Vanity Fair Celebrates 90 Years In A BIG Way — But Also Misses The Mark In A BIG Way

In the May issue of Elle magazine, Vanity Fair lingerie celebrates it’s 90th anniversary with an eight page spread. The pages contain classic vintage Vanity Fair ads next to modern ads in similar poses and a two-page “centerfold” on the lingerie history — focusing on Vanity Fair’s role, of course.

Super high-res scans are below, but before you get lost in the romance, I have two comments to make.

1) Vanity Fair mentions their specific lingerie garments and styles from their legendary history; however, they often fail to actually show photos of them. Example, the mention of their 1950’s “major fashion milestone” of leopard print lingerie sans any image of such pieces.

Tsk Tsk.

2) While it is lovely to recall such splendid designs (both in terms of lingerie and the advertisements), Vanity Fair’s juxtaposition of such grand designs only makes the modern pieces and push pale in comparison.

I miss the drama & spectacular of the vintage ads — but more importantly, I miss the vintage style of the undergarments and nighties themselves. I think Vanity Fair would do well by reinstating their former commitment to the romance & glamour of lingerie and recreate the legendary designs — make more than bras & panties and for heaven’s sake, at least do better than this for sleepwear.

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