Giving Out X’s & O’s

Just sayin’ great big, “Howdy & thank you!”s to the following people who gave me some props (sort of) recently. OK, OK; I missed their props before and feel Guilty with a capital ‘G’ — so I’m fixing things now by giving them attention now.

Dear Blue-Eyed Vixen, of Secrets of a Blue-Eyed Vixen, gave me some a general shout-out on a Mute Monday.

Charming Franku, of Frankufotos Lingerie, recognized my efforts in searching for lingerie from the Eliza Dushku photos in Maxim. (This post, if you missed it.)

And sweet Lexismonkey, of vintage = awesome, says that “A Slip of A Girl is my favorite blog hands down” — how awesome is that?! Answer: Pretty darn awesome.

So thanks, all of you, for playing with me; it rocks my world!

PS The photo was sent to me by Mike A., who has no idea of the photographer or anything about it… If you know, please let us know!

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