We’ve Got Rants In Our Pants

I’m not the only one with rants in their pants.

Check out these fine posts — and comment on them, damnit.

I’m A Little Late To The National Cleavage Day Party:

Now it may surprise you that I’m not really a fan of National Cleavage Day. You’re likely thinking that as a collector of smut, not to mention the owner of a rack that would require the jaws of life not to make cleavage, I’d be in favor of a day which celebrates cleavage. But I’m not.

Giving Steve Ward & VH1 Some Tough Love Of My Own:

Ward’s perpetuation of such dangerous misogynistic mythology not only places (once again) the responsibility for male behaviors squarely on the shoulders of females, leaving victims to face guilt, but by covering up the truth, leaves more women ill-prepared and therefore vulnerable to attack.

And don’t ignore them as you have The Pygama Girl. That really hurt my feelings.

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