Sweet Nothings, Big Nightmare

The Moschino Nylon Tulle Underwire Bra is adorable with its ribbons and heart-shaped button accents — but I can only find a B-Cup listed at Zappos…

The Zappos sites (old and new) are rather clunky. (In fact, the new site doesn’t even show you the sizing chart — very needed when you order a bra, listed by cup size, by size 2, 3, 4 for the band size. Here’s the size chart from the ‘old’ or ‘classic’ site.) Plus the search function doesn’t return results very well. (For example, a search for Moschino Underwire didn’t even return this bra.)

The matching panty is sweet too. But all of this just makes you want to buy the set direct at the Moschino Boutique — but they don’t even show a lingerie section. *sigh*

So I guess, after extensive searching, it’s back to Zappos if you simply must have it. (I’d like to; but I’m no B cup.)

In any case, should shopping for such sweet nothings be such a hassle?

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