Ashley Paige, By Land & Sea — And See!

Following up on that lovely lingerie Eliza Dushku wore in this month’s Maxim

Rei at Ashely Paige sent me the following information:

The piece was from our Fall/ Winter 08’ collection, named; Luxe Demi set. You can see the runway pic on our website. Here is the link; Ashley Paige Fall/Winter 08′ it is number 24. This collection was all about collaboration of bikini and lingerie. Silk, velvet and knit combination. Many pieces from the collection are never be remade, but Some of the pieces like #19 pretty baby and #8 Antoinette Playsuit were remade in full knit, so people could wear them in water. And able to purchase from us!

While the pieces Rei listed are not found in the Ashley Paige store, you can contact them directly at (323) 460-6700 &/or

And if you see styles from the ’08 show you adore, let them know; maybe we can get Ashley to rethink things and add the fabulous vintage styles to her line!

PS I did spot Bathing Beauty in the store.

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