How To Set Dainty Dishes Before Your King

I’ve shown you dressing gowns which imbue you with the dramatic power of a queen, but sometimes a lady prefers to exercise her authority with more of the velvet hand approach… Where the velvet hand leads to the velvet tunnel, so to speak. You can call it manipulation, if you’d like; but when you’re goal is to have him manipulate parts of your right back, well, I think this is a fine example of “alls fair in love and war.” Neither side is really complaining. *wink* (As long as you use your powers for good, not evil, that is.)

One of the easiest ways to reign supreme is to let him believe he is King.

Saturate his senses — until he loses them & becomes lost in your seductive powers. While this could certainly said about nearly any piece of fine lingerie, I prefer to first apply a heavy dose of lady-like lingerie. Some soft & silky barrier which hints at the mysteries within… Preferably of satin, silk or heavy nylon — nothing too sheer. So begin with a stunning peignoir, wrap or dressing gown. Naturally, I tend towards the antique and vintage varieties, where elegance and sensuality set the vibe.

Examples: a Flapper nightgown set in pink with ecru lace, a vintage peach silk satin dressing gown with a ruched bodice, a vintage two-toned rayon satin dressing gown, or an Edwardian French lace silk satin robe.

Beneath the exquisite exterior, wear a slinky nightgown. (Don’t worry about whether or not the nightie is of the same time period as the dressing gown; should you have the rare gent that would notice such a thing, he’ll be too preoccupied with you to judge you anything other than splendid.) I prefer a shorter gown or slip so that he can catch a glimpse of bare or stocking covered leg when the dressing gown (slyly) parts now and then… But a long slinky gown is also thrilling, for when he pats your thigh you’ll both enjoy the slip and slide play between the two fabrics.

Suggestions: a 1930s peach silk Crepe de Chine lace sheer gown, a pink rayon bias cut vintage nightgown, a vintage champagne bias silk & lace wedding nightgown, a a vintage silk satin and lace handmade slip by Yolande, a vintage pink slip with embroidery & lace.

Beneath the gown, a pair of scrumptious panties (and if you’ve opted for stockings, a pretty garter belt too). It may shock you here to note that this is one time I can happily recommend a g-string (or even a thong). After all, you’ve made him wait (and I hope work!) for the reveal, so why not give him the daintiest jeweled setting for your pearl? I don’t think there are any finer string settings than the lacy creations of Lola Luna.

Don’t worry if your panty doesn’t match — in fact, a shocking contrast is largely what this is all about. The color & style change is sure to let him know the waiting is over & he can dive in, be King of this domain. *wink*

For adventurous folks with big appetites, you can layer your panties too. Put a silky pair — or more! — of full cut panties over a pretty g-sting and have him slowly peel away the layers…

Also Lola Luna makes sets of cuffs to match their string panties:

Now isn’t this all a dainty dish to set before your King! (And, with any luck, he’ll be back for seconds — maybe even thirds!)

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