The Real P.M.S.

Shoe lovers know what P.M.S. stands for…

If you’re as addicted to shoes as I am to lingerie, get thee to ShoeHunting.Com, where you and fellow footwear fans can hunt, shop, and dish all things shoe. Cool kids are there, like Jaynie (who talks about vintage shoes at Here’s Looking Like You, Kid), Thursday’s Child (aka Frosty McPeach Doodle of Sex N Shoes), and Anna (of Shoe Smitten) is also Community Manager at Shoe Hunting.

From A Ballad Upon a Wedding, by Sir John Suckling:

Her feet beneath her petticoat,
Like little mice, stole in and out,
As if they fear’d the light :
But O, she dances such a way !
No sun upon an Easter-day
Is half so fine a sight.

Me, I like shoes — but I see them as more of the little mice which draw interest to the stockings, which might just lead back to the, umm, mouse hole? *wink*

P.M.S. shoes image via Celebrating Women for the Real World; vintage illustration, ‘Little Mice’, by Bevan Petman.

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