The Booty-Lifting Science & The Jaw-Dropping Glamour Of Simeon Dacumos Lingerie

Tushe™ by Simeon Dacumos is a revolutionary new patent pending lingerie that further accentuates a woman’s bottom by lifting it and at the same time slims their thigh region.

The Tushe™ undergarment, equipped with hidden loops for garters so you can wear your stocknigs, comes in both a g-string and thong version and the designer claims that they “add a heightened level of sensual sensation”. For the viewer as well. *wink*

Both designs are fully adjustable at the thigh and at the waist, and the g-string Tushe™ is designed with a bare front, which means you can also wear your other lingerie over Tushe™.

Simeon Dacumos also makes the lovely Apéritif™ lingerie, which, not surprisingly, works well with the Tushe™ lingerie pieces.

Playing on the “fine aperitif before a meal,” the couture inspired lingerie features French lace and Italian trims incorporated in styles reminiscent of Weimar Berlin in the Roaring 1920’s.

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