Want Panties Stuck To Your Walls?

Artist Steven Vandervate sent me an email about his “panty paintings” which he describes as “more pure objective studies than erotica.”

I find the sketches, paintings, etc. to be cute and whimsical — but then, we all know how easily I can be charmed by lingerie. Any day of the week *wink*

Vandervate says:

Public response has been tentative and limited at best, but maybe I’m just showing the wrong people… you know, not everybody “gets it”.

Well, Vandervate, I’m pretty sure we here at A Slip of a Girl get it. In fact, we might want to literally get it too… Can we buy from you?

Not that you asked me, Vandervate, but here’s my two cents regarding assisting the public with your panty (and other) art:

I think it would be more helpful to those of us charmed by lingerie art to use tags/labels at the blog; that way we can separate the panties from the pine cones. Not that there’s anything wrong with loving pine cones — a girl who loves panty paintings and lingerie art surely can’t be judgmental! But obviously one doesn’t satisfy a hankering for the other… And while ending up with a pine cone might rub you the wrong way, at least it won’t be as painful as biting on an a-luring post titled “Fly Sketches” — only to end up hooked like a trout!

Anyway, if you’re looking for some panties to stick to your walls or other cool art, check out Steven Vandervate’s blog, Kitschkrieg.

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