What’s In Your Undie Drawer?

Over at the Dayton Daily News, Kelli Wynn’s got an interesting article about the surprises found in underwear drawers:

Lucille “Aunt Cile” Hickman-Herald of Trotwood left more than personal items in her lingerie drawer when she passed away in August 2008 at the age of 95.

She left a bundle of newspaper clippings and periodicals that told the history of her family, Dayton and African-Americans.

It’s not all that surprising to me because our undie drawers are like our nightstand drawers — and sometimes our nightstand drawers are our undie drawers: we keep all sorts of private, intimate things in there.

It’s all about access.

Proximity to our beds… Proximity to our private needs… Our intimate physical and emotional needs. And desires.

And it’s also about who doesn’t have the access.

Once I had my first kid walking about the house, I started keeping special things in my drawer of delicates. My paper planner, my address book — things I feared she might mistake as “just paper” and color on or something. I just knew she wouldn’t want to look at momma’s underpants!

The family has continued to grow (as has my lingerie collection!) but nobody goes near my lingerie drawers. (Well, hubby might… He swears he doesn’t, but I have my suspicions lol) Anyway, none of the kids want to go near mom & dad’s undies, so stuff stored along with our underpants is also avoided.

Because those drawers are off limits, I started keeping other unmentionables in my panty drawers. …My vibrator vibrators, erotica, dirty magazines, porn videos, anything private that didn’t have any real monetary value went in there… (No jewelry etc. because I figured that robbers & burglars would check the nightstand and undie drawers first — and I wasn’t going to help them. In fact, the plethora of pornographic objects ought to delay them long enough for the calvary to arrive. And then, even though they likely won’t have arrived via horseback, they’ll be mounted police. Heh Heh.)

Anyway, blog readers, I wonder what you keep in your undie drawers, in your nightstands…

Confess the truth and you’ll be entered to win my latest contest!

What can you win?

A digital copy of the first volume of Coming Together: At Last.

Coming Together: At Last is a two volume collection of interracial erotic stories edited by Alessia Brio, with an Introduction by NY Times Bestselling author, L.A. Banks. This copy comes to us courtesy of dear friend of the blog — and talented perv author — Jeremy Edwards, whose story, Francine’s Kid, is included in the volume.

Seems fair — dirty secrets for dirty stories, right? *wink*

How do you win?

It’s easy, just tell me what you’ve got stashed in your undie drawer &/or nightstand!

I’ll randomly draw one winner from the entries.

You may enter one of three ways:

Email your answer to slipofagirl@gmail.com along with the name/id you’d like used should I mention your entry here at A Slip of a Girl.

Post your entry as a comment — if you do this, please make sure I’ve got your email address, because if you’re the winner I’ll need your email address to deliver your ebook.

Post your entry at your blog — if you do this you must include in your post both a link to this post & to the official Coming Together: At Last page and email your link as an entry to me so that I do not miss it (and have means to deliver your book should you win.)

This contest is open to adult readers of A Slip of a Girl.

Entries must be received/posted on or before midnight, central time, March 5, 2009; as that’s when I’ll draw the lucky winner.

Hey, and while Jeremy & I are delighted to give away this copy, please consider buying a copy — all proceeds from the sale of the anthologies benefit Amnesty International!

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