On Finding The Lingerie Eliza Dushku Wore In Maxim

The hellish things I do for you.

Since I’m kind enough to both show you the pretty pictures of Eliza Dushku from Maxim and to try to compile better shopping information for you than Maxim provides, you should really thank me.

Like I said, the info on the cover & the photo shared in the earlier post was anything but helpful. Does anyone really think stating “C’N’C Costume National bra” is all that helpful? It’s not.

There’s absolutely no information at the C’N’C Costume National shopping site regarding lingerie… It’s a badly constructed site which makes shopping a pain. No press section or media contact either… I can’t even see the other C’N’C site because they rely too much on fancy flash that my PC can’t see. And the blogs (both the official company blog and the designer’s blog) suck ass.

I tried to move on… I, your loyal lingerie blogger, did my best to call, email & use website contact forms. But I didn’t find out much, just able to get in the ballpark with La Perla briefs and Hue thigh-highs.

I don’t expect the retailers to know which items were featured in Maxim (though, after spending years in retail myself, I’m betting they would love to know — it certainly would assist sales!), but where the hell are the lingerie companies themselves? Why are they neither promoting the beautiful Eliza Dushku wearing their goodies in Maxim, nor making contact information available so that you can find out?

Up next, Eliza in Ashley Paige lingerie.

It’s certainly beautiful, but I can’t find any mention of lingerie on her website at all. (Oh, and warning! There’s music embeded on each & every page of her site except the store pages — you’ll need to scroll to the bottom to turn it off if you’re sneaking a look-see at work.)

I called and spoke with the delightful Rei at Ashely Paige, who, pending a look here at the photos (which may lead to corrections), says that the company doesn’t sell lingerie.

Ashley Paige lingerie did strut down the runway in Fall ’08, but apparently the intriguing vintage glam inspired pieces didn’t make it to production, let alone retail outlets. Even more confusing then that the tuxedo-esque bra and panty set should show up in not one but two photos of Eliza Dushku in Maxim.

If that’s all still a mystery when I had help, well, what’s coming next is mind-blowing…

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