Searching My Fingers To The Bone For Handbra

Everyone has sent me a copy of this hand bra photo:

Months of researching has gotten me no closer to its origins, maker, or, as some of us wish, a place to purchase it. For awhile it looked like your options were:

a) to purchase the prank hand bra that’s literally full of hot air (there’s no way inflatables are holding my girls up)

b) to buy a faux leather faux hand lingerie set

c) tracking down this bra with hand prints embossed inside the bra

or d) befriending an artsy inventor type to make you your own spectacular hand bra (and if we had those, we’d have had the hand bra — and so much more — already).

I guess you can say that I’m not easily deterred though… I still kept looking for a pair of manufactured hands to hold your breasts. I’m cool — and obsessive — that way. *wink*

But it paid off because look! A Skeleton or Zombie Hand Bra!

The leather bra is shown with this underbust Victorian corset — and hey, it’s available in a greener, creepier claw version too.

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