Good (Enough) Lingerie Housekeeping

In the February issue of Good Housekeeping, in a section titled Good (Enough) Housekeeping: Simple Solutions For Smart Living, tips on organizing “underwear, etc.”

Page 25 discusses sorting & clearing out your drawers for your drawers and suggests drawer dividers — specifically Drawer Nooks Dividers and clear Bra Boxes. This reminds me of all the vintage lingerie boxes you can find at thrift stores & garage sales — while many of those are sized for the smaller drawers of vintage vanity tables, they still can suffice.

On page 26, another style of drawer dividers — these are spring loaded. (Most irritating that Good Housekeeping only identifies the items in their shopping section on page 118 by 800 number; thank me for searching for you!) “Trouser socks plus nylons and stockings (in snag-preventing zip-seal bags and grouped by color) fill out the drawer.”

Personally, I dislike putting stockings in plastic baggies — not only does it seem so… so… “Eeiiwwww”, but sometimes my stockings (and other lingerie items) are a tad damp when I put them away (not by design, but with damp hands from hand washing etc., sometimes I make mistakes) and I prefer to let them breathe.

They also recommend this “bra saver” for washing.

Other advice on this page:

Toss scented drawer liners and sachets whose oils can stain your lingerie. Instead, tuck in an empty bottle of your favorite perfume. Wrap it in a handkerchief to ensure that it doesn’t give off anything but a hint of scent.

Note: This is great if you have a single signature scent. If you have several favorite perfumes, as I do, I suggest skipping scenting your scanties — in the drawer *wink*

Toss worn-out bras. How can you be sure they’re done for? Go by fit: You should start hooking the bra on the first (or loosest) hook; then move in as it stretches. If it’s loose on the tightest hook — or if the straps won’t stay up and can’t be readjusted — it’s time for a replacement. (Got the opposite problem — a new or gently worn bra you no longer want? Donate it to your local women’s shelter.)

More ideas for ridding yourself of unwanted unmentionables is here, here, and here.

Good Housekeeping also says you only need 5 to 7 bras to cover your wardrobe needs and “you really only need enough undies to last between wash days.”

As if!

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