Valentine’s Sexy Lingerie Winner Is…

The winner of my Valentine’s Day contest and the $200 shopping spree at Flirty Lingerie is Marie!

And this is how she’ll be shopping:

A bridal corset! I am not engaged, but bridal lingerie is the sexiest type of lingerie there is. Why? Because anyone, anywhere can have sex, but the most magical and romantic sexual encounters are achieved with a little planing and by instituting symbols of sexualization, like lingerie. Saucy! Wedding days are much the same way, anyone, anywhere can be in love, but a wedding is a planned, symbolic ceremony of love and related matters and when a type of lingerie brings these two symbols together it’s strange but also MAD SEXY and I believe that out of context, it is even more interesting. Rituals! Mystique! Also, white lingerie looks innocent, and is a good starting off point for a lingerie spree, which, for me, would become a gradation to some seductive leather gear! Let’s do this!

Congrats, Marie — I hope you stop by and tell us what you got and how much fun you had getting sexy lingerie!

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