Oh, To Be A 34B & Named Naomi

If I were a 34 B, I could get this too-too pretty 1950’s bra with chiffon treatment (The Girls like the Chiffon Treatment — or is that Chiffon Teat-ment then lol). Lovely chiffon cinched in a bow, plus satin ribbon and lace! Two scoops of yummy!

If I were named Naomi too, I could get this sheer white chiffon peignoir set from the 1960’s.

I love the puffy cloud of sheer nylon over the more shapely sheath of a nighty. Both have shimmering pale blue embroidered satin accents to finish off the heavenly affects. It’s embroidered with the name “Naomi” — and could be worth changing your name for. If only for the night *wink* Too bad The Girls won’t fit in there either.

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