Got A Pound Of Spare Undies?

Because recycling requires less energy than creating new materials does, each pound of clothing that you recycle spares 1.7 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. So here are some tips on saving your wallet and the planet.

Vintage lingerie can be resold at sites like eBay, Etsy & in the Collectors’ Quest Marketplace.

Buying from such places not only is cheaper for you than buying new designer lingerie, but when sales dip at retail locations, retail buyers buy less and manufactures make less — resulting in less unwanted lingerie. (Perhaps they will even learn to produce and sell more lingerie which actually fits the reality of today’s human bodies!)

If your undies are not necessarily vintage, but just good old used underwear you don’t want anymore, consider recycling them with “upcycling” like this, this, & this.

Naturally, your used undies should be in the sort of good clean conditions that warrant such attentions. If they aren’t, feel free to cut them up, saving ribbons, lace, decorations and fabric swatches for upcycling, quilting and other sewing projects — and put the rest in the rag-bag.

While nylon, silk and satin aren’t very absorbent (and so aren’t as wonderful for dusting and other cleaning chores as cotton is), you might find that they are worth tossing into the rag-bag for odd future uses. I know crafters who stuff pillows with torn pantyhose & stockings and use worn-out lingerie of Lycra & rubber to set brushes and tools to dry on, etc. (its non-absorbency protects counter & table tops from moisture).

Oh the money you’ll save on paper toweling — and help save the planet too!

Here are some additional tips on donating & reusing used underwear to save the environment — via Girlie Girl Army.

Image from Mallorca Daily Photo Blog.

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