Look What I Have To Show You!

Oh. My. Gawd. I love Cameo Intimates.

Not only do the make super sexy lingerie hand tailored to your measurements…

Not only do they give A Slip of a Girl readers an exclusive discount

Not only did they sponsor a fantastic holiday contest

But after thrilling both the winner and myself (for the honor of helping her conquer the world in custom garter belts and bullet bras) they happily offered $75 and $50 gift credits to the runners-up of that contest!

So without-further-a-do (i.e. mention of my struggles to select the runners up), here are the winners:

$75 credit goes to… Thursday’s Child (aka Frosty McPeach Doodle), who I am certain will get something to-die-for.

$50 credit goes to… maidchaste! I’m sure with $50 to spend, you’ll be able to get goodies for her and maybe a little something for yourself — it’s She who matters most, right? *wink*

Winners, please email me (at slipofagirl@gmail.com) for the details and access to your gift credit.

Now all that remains is just one question… What are you going to have hand tailored just for you!

Shopping/image credits: Model J.L. James is wearing the Cameo “Nearly Naked” Sheer Bra and Cameo “Nearly Naked” Sheer Panty. Photographer: Carmina Foto

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