So Who’s To Be Cameo From Head-To-Toe?

Thanks to all of you who entered the Cameo From Head-To-Toe Contest — it was my most popular contest yet!

That made selecting the winner tough; hundreds of entries, from great people with amazing lingerie selections & good stories too. It makes a girl a bit sad to know she can only give away one voucher for hand tailored lingerie from Cameo Intimates… Yet that was the task.

One entry did stand out. A very personal & poetic piece about body issues, self-esteem and hope, written with an intelligence, humor & humanity which moves greatly.

I don’t mind admitting I cried — but one of those good cries that ends in a smile, because the author isn’t some pathetic sad-sack but a really wise woman who gives me such hope.

So here’s the winning entry from Lissia (aka MsStumbletongue of Mumble Pie) — I’m certain you’ll agree with me that she deserves the prize — and, if you read every rich juicy word, maybe you’ll find yourself wiping away a tear or two too…

For a long time, I was not happy with the body the gods (and excessive slouching) gave me. To be unflatteringly honest, I look rather like the illegitimate daughter from an unholy union between a human and a space alien. Dowagers’ hump? (I’m 18 mind you, and definitely not a dowager) check. Little waist? Check. Large wasp-queen abdomen, check. Droopy bum-cakes? Check. And don’t let me forget to mention a rib cage a person could practically balance a pack of cards on. Over time, I have learned to accept my 50’s Sci-Fi creature-from-the-deep body. It may not be conventionally beautiful, but it’s certainly more interesting than the ideal.

However, it is very difficult for me to find nice lingerie that fits, and thus custom, customarily un-affordable, is a long hoped for option. Seeing the retro bum booster panty…I knew if I did not obtain those perilous undies, all would be in vain. The open back reminded me of the cheery, blushing moon faces in antique clocks, and with them in my arsenal, the sagginess of my bottom would be banished to the land of worn out pantaloons and itchy wool corsets. I also hope that the panties will help to commemorate my recent abandonment of a long-standing phobia of anything sexual, and remind me that I may be weird, but I am beautiful, which is a fine lesson for insectoid-bodied girls everywhere. And, of course, the Retro Bum Booster Panty is only the beginning. One day I will conquer the world in custom garter belts and bullet bras, but for now I can only dream.

What could possibly be a better way for her to start conquering the world than with the Cameo lingerie voucher?

So here’s to you, Lissia; and thanks for letting me play lingerie angel.

I love you.

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