When You Can Forgive A Lingerie Company For Using The Name "Banger Booster"

Too Fat For Fashion praises the photos for Gok Wan’s lingerie collection at Simply Yours, saying:

You know why? These are photos styled and shot by people that are genuinely plus-size friendly. You might not be able to see in these smaller sized shots, but the high-res versions I have show that the stretchmarks on the model’s stretchmarks have not been airbrushed out. There’s nothing shaming about stretchmarks, and if you’re big, you’re likely to have them. These photos acknowledge that.

My most favourite thing though? The dude in the background. It’s subtle, but brilliant, and something I’d love to see more of when marketing clothing for plus-sizes: the acknowledgement of plus-size sexuality. These pictures are sexy.

I think the general theme of the shoot is basically your average lingerie ad: Sunday morning, airy loft apartment, you’ve got the newspapers and you’re trying to figure out where to go for brunch. Boyfriend wears his pyjama bottoms, girlfriend the top. Pillow fights, slo-mo, so far, so familiar.

In this scenario, girlfriend eventually gets it together to get dressed, amusingly modelling her new underwear, while her hottie mctotty of a boyfriend takes photos of her, flirts away, and tries to persuade her that pancakes are lame anyway, they should just stay in and have some awesome sex.

Seriously. This is how a straight-size underwear shoot would be styled. The extra-special cherry on the awesome icing on the yummy cake? That’s a straight-size male model right there. It would have been so easy, and so wrong, to hire a plus-size male model to be the plus-size model’s fake photoshoot boyfriend. I’ve nothing against plus-size men or plus-size models of any gender getting work, obviously, but how great that the photos acknowledge that hey, not only are plus-size women attractive and sexy, but universally so.

There’s no qualifier, no ‘attractive… to other fat people’ or ‘attractive… for what they are’. No weird plus/thin miscegenation-style antics going on. No. It’s just a lovely curvy girl being admired. Which, frankly, rocks. I may even forgive Gok the name ‘Banger Booster’.

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