Ding Dong, Who Won The Thong?

Well, this lingerie angel learned a lot about what y’all love about A Slip of a Girl with this contest! Seems “Ranties” are most popular with the girls (who knew the ugly truth would out-weigh the pretty lingerie!), “vintage lingerie photos” is a solid favorite — and cross dressers just love the attention they get here *wink*

But the winner — their name drawn out of a vintage stockings box by my youngest — is…

Cherie of Oolala!

(Now I guess we’ll all know what she might be wearing as she posts entries in her blog Heh Heh)

Thanks to all who entered — and to Gigi’s Closet for the prize! To those who didn’t win, keep an eye on all my cool contests this week; you’re bound to get lucky at A Slip of a Girl sooner or later!

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