I’m An Amorous Woman — Are You?

When I heard author Donna George Storey on XXBN with Gracie (you can download podcast here) discussing Donna’s new novel, Amorous Woman, I was smitten.

Rarely does Gracie gush over erotic novels in the way she has with Amorous Woman. With this book she not only found herself turning pages with her hand in her panties (sneaking chances to read it while spending Thanksgiving weekend at her folks’ house), but being so moved by the book that she even cried a bit at the end. Now how many erotic works can you say that about? (She’s even put the book — with a great review — on her list of the best three book bets for the holiday!)

So, at the first opportunity, I swiped Gracie’s copy of the book.

I had to!

And no, I don’t regret it — it’s wonderful!

The book was juicy — as were my panties. I found myself moving it about so I could sneak a read whenever I had a little time…

Moving it from the bedroom nightstand to downstairs by the sofa… Moving from the sofa to my handbag so could sneak a read waiting to meet family at the airport… Moving it from my purse to the bathroom for a luxurious soak and really wet reading… Then moving it again back upstairs for reading before bed.

I even had to bring it along as reading material while waiting in the lobby for kids’ counseling appointments, which, by the way, will cause the counselor to raise an eyebrow –but the book was too good to really care lol

It was easy to read in bits because each chapter is like a little story of it’s own about Lydia and her lovers — making sure you have time to massage your own bits without losing your place in the overall story of Lydia.

Now, the author is helping me be your angel this holiday season, giving you your own chance for a fantasy trip to Japan by giving away a copy of Amorous Woman to one lucky reader of A Slip of a Girl.

All you have to do is tell me the most embarrassing place you’ve been caught reading eroticaor, if you’ve never been caught, you can tell us your favorite place to read erotica &/or what’s your favorite piece of lingerie to wear when you want to enjoy yourself reading erotica — we’re easy like that *wink*

Just email your answer to slipofagirl@gmail.com or post a comment (if you post your entry as a comment, please make sure I’ve got your email address, because if you’re the winner I’ll need your email address to contact you regarding your shipping information.)

Entries must be received/posted on or before 10 AM, central time, December 18th, 2008; as that’s when I’ll randomly pick the lucky winner. This contest is open to US readers of A Slip of a Girl. (If you’re outside the US and don’t have a friend in the US willing to help you out, you can still let us know your erotica reading habits!)

PS I’ll be posting a free lingerie excerpt from the book soon! Plus, I’m being your holiday angel, giving away all sorts of goodies all week long — you don’t want to miss anything!

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