No More Giving Bed Jackets The Cold Shoulder

My grandma always used to say that whatever the temperature of her shoulders, that’s how the rest of her body felt. I must have gotten that gene because I’m the same way (and I hope it was also and erogenous zone for Grandma too!). This is why I’m surprised that so many people give bed jackets the cold shoulder — pretty ironic, as that’s exactly the problem bed jackets address.

I know that we no longer ‘entertain’ in our lounging attire (unless you count t-shirts, sweats & yoga pants — ugh!), but bed jackets are as practical as they are pretty. Not only can you wear them with your nighties, but bed jackets are often the perfect way to keep the chill off with sleeveless dresses or those other fancy party dresses with spaghetti straps or short sleeves.

Bed jackets are often short (think ‘cropped’) and open in the front, so they show off your pretty holiday dress while still keeping your arms warm.

Vintage bed jackets come in pretty silky nylon, chiffon, satin, quilted, and sometimes even made of velvet; they have long and short-sleeved styles — so many varieties & colors, there’s sure to be the perfect one to match your frock! But if not, get a pattern and make one.

Of course, should you want a little more ‘snuggle’ than ‘slink’, you can look for or knit or crochet your own bedjacket.

So why throw on a sweater when a there’s a pretty vintage bed jacket just waiting for you?

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