This Vintage Nightgown Is A Religious Experience

At least it had me fall to my knees and pray…

This vintage nightgown by Luxite combines two layers of sheer nylon — one red, one black — to make the most fantastic floating gown with a very large, floor-length, sweep. But before you fancy all that vintage nylon floating about you, don’t miss the exquisite rose appliques with rhinestone accents which sit on the bodice and the hem.

It’s enough to make you overlook the braided shoulder straps — but don’t! Another lovely detail to move you to taking out your rosary and begin earnest prayers that this will be given to you this holiday. (There’s likely only one if these floating about the world… so you know you have to be special to get it!)

Sold by sweet*cherry*pop, one of my favorite vintage lingerie sellers.

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