The Roving Reporter Discovers The Sure, Safe Way To Reduce.. The Perfolastic Girdle

DeeDee (aka Pop Tart) sent me this scan of a vintage girdle advertisement she found in a 1936 copy of True Confessions magazine.

The ad focuses on the advantages of the Perfolastic girdles over dieting — because exercise tires you, diets only remove fat from your face & neck, and drugs not only take the weight off too fast but you can’t get it back!

Heavens! Who knew?! Thank goodness The Roving Reporter told us all!

The girdle promises you’ll lose 3 inches in your waist and hips in 10 days — of course you’ll “appear smaller immediately and then, after a few days those unwanted inches actually disappear. Remember, you lose 3 pounds in 10 days… or it costs you nothing!”

(And no, I didn’t accidentally switch from 3 inches to 3 pounds, that’s how the ad reads; click the image for a larger scan & see for yourself.)

Apparently, this 10 day test was a big promotion of theirs during the 1930’s.

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