Hubby-Hubby Hiney Help

Anyone remember that episode of Laverne & Shirley where Shirley gets the fake butt? I think it was called the Hubba Hubba Hiney… I couldn’t find any proof of that. “Butt” I did find this screen shot of Shirley Feeney wearing the butt enhancer.

I’ve never feared my rump didn’t have enough bump, but if you do — or if you think it needs a little lift in the firming-up department — check out Andrew Christian’s Wonderwear.

Do they work?

Laura at Fashion Fix says they do:

Ok, ‘Wonderwear’ is basically a pair of knickers that lift the buttocks soley by the support seams in the knickers, sound too good to be true? Well let me tell you gals, it’s not!

I have just tried a pair myself, and believe me they feel great, my bum is my most hated body part, think flabby, saggy and cellulite covered (and i’m only 29, god help me!), so i was mightily impressed by how good the ‘Wonderwear’ made my butt feel, they really do feel as though they are really lifting your buttocks, making them feel firmer and tighter, like scaffolding for you bum, i felt like i had been working out in the gym for months…seriously!!

Laura’s also very fond of Pretty Polly’s ‘Secret Slimmer’ tights (also available in a sheer 15 denier). As Laura posted at her other blog, Fashion Finds UK:

i have to say that i was honestly impressed, they really tightened my upper thighs, bum and stomach… what more could you want? and the best thing is that they are tights rather than control pants so you won’t have that awful Bridget Jones moment if you do happen to pull the office hunk at the office party!

Pretty Polly recently carried out a rather brave stunt,
The campaign saw the winner of reality show Colleens Real Women, Sasha Parker, and her team of placard holders march down Harley Street making the point that you don’t need to pay £10k for surgery when you just need a pair of £6 Pretty Polly Secret Slimmer tights! I’m sure you’ll agree that far too many women are opting to go under the knife when they don’t actually need to and the crux of the campaign was to get this point firmly across with the assistance of Sasha who is of course ‘all woman’!

(The event Laura mentions can be seen here.)

So, ladies, if you need more lift and suck — but don’t want to nip & tuck — why not give these recommendations of Laura’s a try?

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