Do You Wiggle & Jiggle Where You Shouldn’t?

Shapewear exists to control many areas of the body, keeping them from wiggling and jiggling in an undesirable fashion — in fashions. Girdles & bras, in their many versions, are what immediately spring to mind; attempts at keeping things on one’s own body from springing inappropriately (even if many male readers here find themselves springing at the thought of such garments and body parts!)

But one area on modern women’s bodies has largely been ignored by manufacturers of shapewear — even though many a woman has lived in fear of it’s unsightly jiggle. This area, recognized by anyone who has attended school where an afflicted female teacher has written with great vigor upon the chalkboard, is the arm. Just the thought of such unsightly arm waving sent shudders down my 16 year old spine when spotted as Madame McCall (the new, but ‘old’ French teacher) wrote her name on the board. It wasn’t that she was overweight, but the skin there wobbled like a turkey neck. *shudder*

Ever since then, I’ve feared reaching that age — that stage. A stage which, once alerted to, I saw almost everywhere and knew that was a fate most every woman was doomed to. As I matured myself, I realized the only way to avoid this was with a workout schedule and regimen which would hamper other pursuits (reading, writing, art, sensual skills, etc.) which I not only found more fun, but made me a fascinating & attractive woman as well. So, fear of arm flab &/or skin jiggle or not, I went with ‘fascinating’ instead.

Most days I do not mind having less than perfect arms. It’s easy to console yourself when your arms can still do all you ask of them, including create & dance, wrap themselves around your children, & embrace your loving husband. But sometimes, when I put on a certain dress or even a tee shirt with tight arms, I am reminded how much I am approaching Madame McCall’s look… And then my vanity pouts.

Thankfully, Lee Ann Stevenson put her passion for fashion and eye for innovative accessories to the problem and invented the FLABuLESS™ — the first ever arm shapewear that slims, conceals and re-shapes the arms.

The FLABuLESS™ comes in several styles (short and long sleeve lengths) and colors, to work with your wardrobe needs.

Right now you can try this fabulous new arm shapewear at 10% off and automatically be entered in the FLABuLESS™ Holiday Spa Giveaway where one lucky lady will win a $500 spa package in her own city.

Even if you don’t order a FLABuLESS, you can still enter the contest. All you have to do is send the company reasons why you are the most fabulous contestant. (Enter before December 31, 2008; the winner will be announced January 2, 2009.) Of course, you will be competing against me; so the competition will be stiff *wink*

But I am a nice, soft-hearted (and armed lol) girl, so I’ll give you a chance to win your own FLABuLESS™ from A Slip of a Girl. Yup, you’re own free FLABuLESS for fabulous you!

All you have to do is leave a comment (or email me) with your own story of the fear & plight of the female arm wiggle. Do so before midnight (central time) on Saturday, November 22, 2008. I’ll select & announce the winner on Sunday, November 23.

The fine print for the contest: You must be a resident of Canada or the US; you must have a valid email contact so that I can get your address & product size.

Thanks to Jaynie’s vintage glamour blog Here’s Looking Like You, Kid for alerted me to this product — even if I didn’t win her contest. *wink*

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