We Have A Saying Where I Come From

It started when I was in my 20’s, working in a fine department store in the shoe department…

Whenever we’d see a woman wearing black shoes with a white dress, a pink dress suit, a blue pants suit, etc. we’d refer to her as having hooves. That’s what they look like, each shoe a little black hoof, ruining what otherwise might have been a fine outfit.

Black shoes, ladies are to be worn with black outfits, outfits with black bottoms (pink blazer with a black skirt, etc.), or, outfits with black accessories (black belt, black trim on lapels, etc.). Basically, if you wouldn’t wear black hose with it, you do not wear black shoes. And black hose alone does not make black shoes look less like hooves.

This rule also applies to lingerie — both in terms of wearing black lingerie inappropriately (black garter belt with pastel panties and bra, black slip with white corselet, etc.) and sticking black shoes onto your feet with a not black lingerie set. For pity’s sake, get multiple pairs of boudoir slippers in shades to match & co-ordinate with your lingerie.

So, Carole Landis, I have to point to your hooves in this photo and note how terribly they distract from the gorgeous dressing gown. Tsk, tsk, that there were no proper slippers for you to don while lounging (staged or not).

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