VS Stands For Victoria’s Sins

Because you know I hate Vickie’s… Within minutes of each other two readers alerted me to the latest problem with Victoria’s Secret: First, dear Alexander The Poet pointed me to the Fox news story; and then charming Selene to Jonathan Turley’s coverage of the lawsuit.

Seems icky Vicky is putting formaldehyde in their Angels Secret Embrace and Very Sexy Extreme Me Push-Up bras and women are complaining about rashes, hives and permanent scarring.

While textile formaldehyde resin use is popular in garments, items which lay intimately against the skin — especially in warm areas — are more likely to cause problems due to open pores.

(And let’s face it, ladies, we know how hot & sweaty it can get in our bras as well as our panties — no matter the season.)

Too bad such common garment industry knowledge escapes VS. Then again, they’ve long abandoned such ‘cents’ in pursuit of dollars. Now they can part with those dollars.

But will they ever learn?

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