Gossip About Me Much?

My pal, Pop Tart (of KKC and a million other places), posted this intriguing question at TwitterMoms: Do You Tell Sellers Where/How You Found Them?

I do. But why I’m asking you — and gently nudging you to do so — is so that sellers know that you found them, made a purchase from them, because I sent you there.

When you tell sellers/stores that you found them via the lingerie blog A Slip of a Girl it boosts my street cred & helps support my work. Yup, I mean advertising — and contest sponsorships. And advance notices of sales, specials and product launches. All of this helps me to continue to run this here blog — keep it updated for you. As discussed, it takes a huge time commitment on my part post as often (and, I hope!) with as many quality posts as I do. It would be nice if you just passed along the word.

So gossip about me, baby!

(And while I’m at it… Don’t forget to support those who advertise here!)

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