In the late 80’s and early 90’s lingerie with lace bodices and straps which criss-crossed straps in the back were really popular in the stores. (So was this ice blue & ivory lace combination.) Such lingerie seduced me, calling siren songs from the sales racks…

I bought many pieces in this style, only to discover that in the morning, my lingerie would have twisted and shifted so that in the morning I had my breasts damn-near dissected with criss-cross straps. So, larger busted ladies, take note of the criss-cross lace bodice lingerie!

It did stop me from buying more; but it didn’t stop my from wearing them– just not to sleep in. Boy friends didn’t seem to mind having me slide out of the nightgown, leaving it a pool of nylon & lace on the floor, and having me me sleeping in the nude those nights.

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