The Hot Tub Invitation

My sister took the kids for the weekend to enjoy their new hot tub. I posted about that and my dreams of hot tubs at the other blog, but I found this photo too hot not to show you here. It’s not lingerie, but somehow I just didn’t think you’d mind… *wink*

I love the contrast of the hot steamy spa and the cold world outside — and her interaction with it. The act of drawing a heart on the steamy window seems rather like an invitation, which makes my eyes turn to the string tie of her bikini top… How ’bout you?

Anyway, as I said, my sister took the kids for the entire weekend and so you can expect lots of blog posts from yours truly this weekend — at both blogs. Stay tunned, as they say.

And while we’re speaking of hot tubs and other blogs, I know a lot of you don’t read at the other blog… It sorta hurts my feelings. I mean here I am, offering to share more of myself, and you just ignore it. It’s enough to make me draw a broken heart on a steamy window (or, because I don’t have a hot tub of my own, on the steamy bathroom window).

For those of you, like my Dearest David, who make the time to read there (and if not post comments, email me with your thoughts), consider yourself invited to my hot tub party — when I get one. We both know it will be worth the wait.

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