The Humanity Of Politics

I don’t typically discuss politics here, but today is election day here in the US and this is nearly all I can think about. I’ve shown restraint, believe me. If you only knew the number of emails sent to me weekly — especially from those of you outside the US who are concerned &/or fearful that we dumb Americans would elect McCain — you’d know how difficult it has been to keep quiet on the subject.

But this is a lingerie blog (for the most part) and I just didn’t want to risk the alienation which can come with discussing politics.

I tried to put it aside, not discuss it here for the nearly two years we’ve been anticipating the election & publicly discussing the candidates (and occasionally the issues), but as today’s the day I find myself unable to keep mum.

I know I won’t change minds. Those who support McCain/Palin are likely not to care what I have to say, and the ‘undecideds’ are equally immovable in their apathy. But this is my blog, my space, and if I don’t do this I’ll hate myself. (Yes, even more than I’ll hate myself for possibly alienating any of you readers.)

The citizens of this country deserve better than we’ve been getting. I don’t need to spell it out for any of you. Unless you’re institutionalized, you’re aware of what’s going on & therefore equally as aware of the roots of the problems. You cannot claim ignorance and I won’t insult you, other readers, or myself by listing the voluminous evidence. Instead, I’ll just point out that we are all humans & as such we have the following in common:

We all need food & shelter. We all want to remain &/or be healthy; we deserve the right to medical care.

We all want the right to live our lives as we wish; freedom. For the most part, our daily activities, lifestyles, orientations, choices (and yes, you can read that as “Choice”) have no affects on our neighbors or fellow citizens, let alone harm any of them.

(And if you’re offended by that statement regarding abortion, let me assure that my rights as a being already here are valid & trump the potential rights of a possible person; especially when such possibility requires me to change & in fact risk my life, as well as shackles me emotionally, financially and morally is forced servitude, if not slavery. Using faith to enslave is an abomination.)

Knowledge is power, education an asset; to deny individuals access robs the whole country, weakening its structure and future.

“Everybody poos, everybody screws; get over it.” We have the right to love who we love, we have the right to express that love, we have the right to enjoy our bodies and allow others to do the same. It’s private, personal, and no body’s business. (Lingerie should have shown us at least that much.)

We all want our troops to be safe — and most of us, if we took a minute to think about it, care about the ‘others’ being killed as well. Each man, woman and child belongs to someone. Each one is worried about, cried over, mourned, missed. When we remember that, we are human; when we act on that knowledge and concern, we put our humanity into action. We need to find non-violent ways to deal with our problems, on individual & national levels.

The only candidate on the ticket this election year who seems to understand & operate off of our collective human needs rather than fear is Obama. My vote goes for him. If you’re a human, your’s will too.

Now, go vote. And then tonight (from 9 to 11, central time) listen to XXBN’s election coverage.

Here’s to being able to celebrate tomorrow!

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