What’s The Deal With Cross Dressing?

My “Dear Jane” (aka Dr. Jane Vargas) was the very first Cult of Gracie guest (I gossiped about that show here — it was great!) and now Jane’s all set to rejoin The Cult this week Wednesday.

On October 29 (from 9-10 pm, central time) Jane and Gracie will discuss:

  • What being a cross dresser means (and what it doesn’t)
  • The distinctions between lingerie fetishists and cross dressers
  • Women’s responses to cross dressing
  • How men who cross dress cope with self-image
  • And whatever you callers bring up *wink*

So, if you have questions about cross dressing, this would be a very excellent Cult of Gracie Radio show to listen to! You can listen, live, to Jane & Gracie talking about cross dressing, ask questions in chat, and call-in live, during the show at 646.200.3136.

If you miss it, the same link can be used to listen/download the show in its entirety.

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