Knitted Bursleque Dolls

Over at Etsy, sayraphim sells her own hand-knit burlesque dolls!

Kitty Serendipity:

Kitty is dressed in a red bustier and mini skirt with black trim, black opera length evening gloves with red edging, fishnet stockings, garter belt and if you’re lucky, she might just flash you her tiny black g-string! She dances and titillates her audience with her hand knitted red ‘feather’ boa and her sexy red boots. She has an elaborate hair style with two bunches of roses woven in and, like all burlesque performers she is wearing huge false eyelashes.

Miss Suga D’Flirt:

Suga is dressed in thigh high light pink fishnets and the sauciest pink frilly knickers you ever will see. Who knows if the collar matches the cuffs, but her bright pink hair certainly matches her shoes and tassels! She wears a half sized top hat and, like all good burlesque performers, huge false eyelashes frame her saucy wink.

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