Did Sheana Hinesley’s Butt Change?

I was reading this 2005 interview with Sheana Hinesley, the founder/designer of Malicious Designs and I loved this:

“I love ’40s and ’50s lingerie, especially from old Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogs … any kind of underwear that covers your full bottom,” Hinesley says.

Her designs must receive the Sheana seal of approval, though. “It has to be something that I can wear,” she says. “If I can’t put my ass in there, my label has no right to be on it.”

Unfortunately her panties didn’t quite live up to my expectations of classic Frederick’s designs…

Did Hinesley’s ass change its shape or otherwise change the designer’s designs since 2005 — or did the market dictate that boy shorts were as ‘full’ as panties should get?

But still, the Abigail Knickers are pretty cute.

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