Victoria Changes Her Undies, But Is It Enough?

I don’t go to the mall much, so when we went in for stuff for the kids I had to see if Icky Vicky really was going to do anything about its “too sexy” image. As these snaps taken with my cell show, VS is indeed pushing a more glamorous lingerie look — at least on the half of the store that’s not the nauseating Pink that makes me want to reach for some Pepto-Bismol.

However, as much as I love the more classic glamour looks in gleaming sultry shades, The Girls and I won’t be wearing any; as always, if you’re over a B-cup you’re out of luck.

So while Victoria’s Secret may be changing it’s look, the lingerie company hasn’t changed their mission — to dress, literally, the small portion of the population which wears tiny sizes.

This reminds me of an image Sweat Shop Sissy sent me saying, “I came across the pic of the 3 beautiful women earlier in the week. It kinda made me sad that so many women can’t see how gorgeous they really are.”

I agree, SSS.

I don’t know where the photo came from (and I’m hoping SSS will stop by and help with that) but if it can be substantiated that “women” believe their ideal look is a size 8, then it’s just more proof of my stated belief that fashion designers and retailers are to blame for creating & selling clothing for smaller frames.

I doubt there’s a woman who’ll deny that she’s said, if only to herself, “I wish that was in my size.” And men, if you don’t believe me that much of the body image issue is as simple as retailing fashions in the actual sizes of female bodies, ask yourselves how you’d feel if all male clothing was sold in sizes consistently & considerably other than what the average male wears.

So, Victoria, I have a-not-so-secret thing to tell you — again! — and that is this: It will take more than a style change for you to address the problem of your faltering bottom line. Until you start focusing on selling garments in the sizes of average women, you’re forever going to be left with the small fringes of the female population.

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