Lingerie In The Economy

I have no idea how much the plummeting US economy affects the UK economy, but making the news today is how Online lingerie sales soar as markets plunge (presumably based on this press release from

I’m not surprised; nor will I become surprised when such increases are noted in lingerie sales here in the US.

When times get tough due to weak economies, lingerie — and I don’t just mean “underpants” and practical forms of underwear, but real lingerie — isn’t always deemed a “luxury.”


Because compared to a dinner at a restaurant, a concert, etc., things which can be done at home cheaper, lingerie not only (for most of us) is something we can’t make ourselves, but can be the replacement for many other cut-backs. Can’t afford dinner & a movie for date night? Get yer sexy lingerie on, stay in & entertain yourselves at home. Can’t afford a brand new wardrobe? Get something little and sexy to boost your mood (and, if you have one, your partner’s mood too).

It’s really a no-brainer.

PS I was reminded of Gracie’s post when I read this cutesy parting line in the Inquirer’s post:

Of course, the recent fad for new clean underwear could also be related to city bankers and investors wetting themselves every time the FTSE drops.

PSS Photo of Betti Page just to get your attention :p

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